Carboncoin Trust Manifesto

Funded by the use of the Carboncoin digital currency the Carboncoin Trust's sole purpose is to support nature in addressing climate change.

The principals:

Take a long term view
our initiative is looking out over a 150+ year timeframe

Support nature

Biodiversity is the key

Regenerate where possible

Reduce waste
Do not support things which increase waste

Avoid unnecessary use of technologies which heat up the planet

Operate the charity on no more than a 2% overhead to set an example to the third sector

How can we best achieve all of the above?

Biodiverse forestry


Biodiverse forestry is simultaneously a store of Carbon Dioxide, water and a habitat for wildlife. It can also provide food and maintaining the forest can be a fuel source, without cutting down any trees.

Carboncoin exists to solve the problem that, all over the world, Capitalist society has found the need to cut down more trees than it plants, and this cannot be a good thing. It is thought that the reasons for deforestation are socioeconomic, but equivalent reasons for a- and reforestation are not there - until now! Currently not enough trees are being planted and the net downtrend in the number of trees on the planet is alarmingly unsustainable.

To support us all that is required is that you buy, use and accept Carboncoin for payments.

It all starts with a digital wallet.

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