Meet CarbonCoin

Carboncoin is an energy efficient digital currency that plants trees.

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Cryptocurrencies consume too much power

Based on the Bitcoin protocol, Carboncoin has eliminated mining for profit – the aspect of cryptocurrencies responsible for harming the environment, through wastage of electricity.


About Carboncoin

Carboncoin provides seamless round-the-clock value storage and transfer services, and has been since February 2014.


High transaction volume

The current Carboncoin network can accommodate 4x the transaction volume of legacy Bitcoin.


Low on energy

Carboncoin uses the electricity of only few lightbulbs, instead of whole countries.


Unlimited trees

Carboncoin will fund the planting of millions of trees worldwide just by people using it.


Long term

Our environmental initiative looks out over a 150+ year timeframe. We intent to secure our environment for many future generations.

Carboncoin Wallet

To help the Carboncoin project, simply buy, use and/or accept Carboncoin for payments. It all starts with downloading your wallet below.


Our Environmental Impact

If money was no object, what would be the best way to address the problem of greenhouse gases and climate change?

Planting biodiverse forest on land not being used for anything else is the solution put forward by the founder of Carboncoin as we know it. A year after he proposed it, it was independently verified by Oxford University.

The next question: How do you make money no object?

The answer: it had already been done with the Bitcoin technology so the aim became to do that again and do it from the position of knowing that it could be successful, and then use the wealth to do as much good as possible.