About Us

We are building a green way to pay

Carboncoin has been providing seamless round-the-clock value storage and transfer services since February 2014.

It is designed not just to generate wealth for everyone who uses it, but also to fund the planting of millions of trees worldwide to address the problem of soaring emissions.

Carboncoin is completely independent of any bank, central or otherwise. It also operates fully automatically, without the need for human administration.

Based on the Bitcoin protocol, Carboncoin will virtually eliminate mining for profit – the aspect of cryptocurrencies responsible for harming the environment, through wastage of electricity.

The coins are stored on computers and transferred over the internet between digital “wallets” – the easy to use piece of software at the core of the project, available to download free from the homepage.

Our users can participate in the Carboncoin economy by shopping directly on CarbonShopper.com. Any purchase made via CarbonShopper is automatically converted into Carboncoin and transferred to the recipient. We will be moderating products that our sold through CarbonShopper to ensure that no illegal products are being traded within our community.

We have also mandated that 90% of the protocol transaction fees go to our environmental charity, which will be dedicated to tackling climate change and restoring our planet’s natural ecosystems.

We also commit to a long term brand promise of being an environmentally and socially responsible business that seeks to distribute value and wealth fairly and transparently across all our stakeholders and shareholders.

Join the Movement, Download the Wallet

To help and participate in the Carboncoin project, simply buy, use and accept Carboncoin for payments. Make Carboncoin your payment system of choice, both online and on mobile. It all starts with downloading your wallet then head over to the forum carboncointalk.org to find out how to get hold of your first coins.

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Our Story

The Carboncoin Trust’s Carboncoin was started by a developer using the pseudonym AxisMundi who, having been involved in Cryptocurrencies from early on in their development, had grown extremely frustrated with the amount of electricity being unnecessarily wasted in the coin derivation or “mining” process of Bitcoin.

The industry presented two problems, one technology specific and one much wider. Firstly, how do you stop energy being wasted on the mining process without jeopardising the security of the network? – And second, what can be done to rectify the damage already done to the environment?

The Carboncoin development team is focussed on solving the first problem, while the trustees of the Carboncoin Trust are committed to addressing the second problem.

We believe that trust is the foundation of all successful and sustainable currencies. By stating our values clearly alongside our brand and products, we believe that we can win the trust of the rapidly growing worldwide environmental community and replace Bitcoin as the leading digital currency.

So far over £50k has already been invested to purchase carbon coins by our early adopter community of over 200 users. This community includes good people from a diverse range of professions and industries;

Assistant professor – computer science
Founder of a humanist charity providing shelter for refugees
Founder of a prominent environmental blog
Artist/architect in the festival space
Salesperson at huge IT services company
Cloud computing software engineer
Co owner of large events concern
Event producer/presenter
Trend Forecasting Consultant
Owner of a children’s home
Top barrister
Renowned photographer
Environmental PR specialist
Corporate Events Salesperson
Management Consultant
Classical Musician
Model/Massage Therapist
PHD Psychologist

Among the mid sized holders:

Music producers
Graphic designers
Film producers
PR people
Students (lots)