Carboncoin is an energy efficient digital currency
that plants trees

Our system will raise unlimited funding for planting biodiverse forest, supporting all life -
and rewarding everyone who helps us at the same time.

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How does it work?

Carboncoin works just like Bitcoin, but removes competitive mining. People who find mining difficult can go for crypto trading. Meme coins are turning out to be an attractive option for traders. Traders may check top meme coins to find the best one that suits them.
Check out a quick two minute explainer of Bitcoin on youtube before listening to the below:

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To help the Carboncoin project, simply buy, use and/or accept Carboncoin for payments. It all starts with downloading your wallet below. Finding a reliable bitcoin wallet is an important step in bitcoin trading. It ensures that the digital assets of the trader remain safe. Take the Bitcoin Wallet test to find out the best bitcoin wallets in the crypto market. The next step is to either buy some coins or to set yourself up to accept carboncoin payments for your business/charity. It's as straightforward as we can make it currently and many of the community are on hand to help if you need.

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Carboncoin's distributed digital ledger (blockchain) has been live for over 3 years without any security or system breaches. We have built a scalable and secure evolution of Bitcoin which runs on a tiny amount of electricity and plants trees.

Carboncoin is all about fair distribution

and it's all about trust

The be all and end all of digital currency, or indeed any tool for transferring value, is trust. A system has to be shown to work over as long a time as possible. People need to have faith that their funds are secure and that they can access/use/transfer them - the only way for any system to do this is by demonstration. Carboncoin is open source so anyone can review the code. We've stuck very close to the Bitcoin protocol, primarily because the Bitcoin protocol is very good. We have fixed the parts of it we saw as inhibiting mass adoption, namely the energy consumption and the associations with the naughty internet - and instead we're all about doing good - for everyone and everything.

We're on a mission to restore our natural ecosystems and contribute to our battle against climate change, biodiverse forest is the way that we do that. Do you have a land use argument against biodiverse forest? Consider just how good a source of food a forest can be, moreover, Carboncoin's trees will be planted on land that is not being used by anything else - and trees will grow where crops wont. Like it or not there's room for more forest, lots more.

At its first peak, just under 5 years after the network was started, all of the Bitcoins in the world together added up to around $12.5 billion. It did this with just 200,000 active users.

Climate marches are routinely achieving greater turnouts than this in just one day. We've distributed our coin as fairly and evenly as possible and there is still time to buy a significant share of the 16 Billion Carboncoins that there will ever be.

Our tree planting charity has the largest wallet on the network at about 4% of the total circulation. Our encouraged maximum for an individual is 2% and we have stuck to that for the entirety of the project. Coins are available on a Bitcoin market, and our launch was fair and open to the public, so while we haven't placed any holdings greater than 2% with any individual it is theoretically possible to get larger holdings than this - you would struggle to find that many coins for sale on the market though!

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Our retail platform

Carbonshopper makes it easy to accept Carboncoin payments in any online store. We are also actively promoting selected businesses who meet our strict ethical criteria and these will be promoted to everyone in the network. Contact us to find out more.

Our currency is open and users are free to do what they want with it, we will be planting trees whatever happens.

Our Environmental Impact

If money was no object, what would be the most pragmatic way to address the problem of greenhouse gases and climate change? Planting biodiverse forest on land which would not otherwise be used for anything else was the answer put forward by the founder of Carboncoin as we know it over a year ago, and this solution has since been independently found to be the best for the planet in the conclusion of a year-long study by Oxford University.

The next question: How do you make money no object?

The answer: it had already been done with the Bitcoin technology so the aim became to do that again and do it from the position of knowing that it could be successful, and use the wealth to do as much good as possible.

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