Carboncoin has been providing seamless round-the-clock value storage and transfer services since February 2014.

It is designed not just to generate wealth for everyone who uses it, but also to fund the planting of millions of trees worldwide to address the problem of soaring emissions.

Carboncoin is completely independent of any bank, central or otherwise. It also operates fully automatically, without the need for human administration.

Based on the Bitcoin protocol, Carboncoin will virtually eliminate mining for profit – the aspect of cryptocurrencies responsible for harming the environment, through wastage of electricity.

The coins are stored on computers and transferred over the internet between digital “wallets” – the easy to use piece of software at the core of the project, available to download free from the homepage.

Bitcoin achieved extraordinary capital growth, so why can this growth not be replicated? The difference is, this time the value goes towards a problem which urgently needs solving for everyone – the dangerous levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The aim: to create an expanding area of biodiverse carbon sink forestry, planting more each year, resulting in growth in the rate of Carbon Dioxide sequestered year on year, until the balance of nature is restored.

To help and participate in the Carboncoin project, simply buy, use and accept it for payments, let it be your payment system of choice online and on mobile. It all starts with downloading your wallet then head over to the forum to find out how to get hold of your first coins.